Cool Emo Hairstyles

Alternative hairstyles are of great popularity and if you are looking for new image, check the latest collection of cool emo hairstyles that will help you to change your image in a 100%.

Emo hairstyle is the most popular alternative design. It is not just a hairstyle; it is a perfect way to accentuate your personality and your lifestyle. This is why you should be completely sure that you are ready to wear emo hairstyle.

emo hairstyles

Emo hairstyle has several characteristic details that you should know in order to get perfect emo look. First of all it is a bang. For emo hairstyle it is massive asymmetric bang that closes an eye. When styling emo hairstyle bang is always styled poker straight. Continue reading Cool Emo Hairstyles

Half Up-do Hairstyles 2015

New collection of half up-do hairstyles 2015 is here to inspire you. Check out these pictures where braids and half up-do style are combined in the most beautiful ways. You can now learn some really special hairstyles ideas and pick the one for coming Christmas.

half up-do hairstyles 2015

Half up-do hairstyle is one of the most popular designs that are suitable for virtually any occasion. I mean you will look fabulous wearing half up-do on both wedding and business meeting. If you have long hair you just ought to know several examples of half up-do hairstyles. Continue reading Half Up-do Hairstyles 2015

Top 5 Bold Hair Colors for Winter

This winter is very hot and it is not about the temperature. It is about beauty bunnies that have chosen dramatic and mind blowing images for winter. We present you top 5 bold hair colors that will definitely inspire you to get out of your boring shell.

Icy Platinum Color

Who is your favorite from “The Frozen”? I hope it is Elsa because this winter frozen and icy platinum hair color is the hottest trend. Celebrities and fashionistas have already got this innovative hair color. If you have chosen this color make sure your hair colorist is skilled enough to get that icy color without yellow undertone.

Icy Platinum Color

Primrose Gold Color

If you are not ready to get icy blonde with high maintenance and special hair care you can choose another adorable shade of blonde that will be suitable for medium fair and medium tanned skin tones. I said color of low maintenance but never think you can do nothing but enjoy it. You should always go for touch ups to protect the color and keep hair shiny. Continue reading Top 5 Bold Hair Colors for Winter

New Hair Highlights Ideas

Find a new image for coming Christmas and make your holidays even brighter and joyful. Check out new ways of updating the look in a flash without chopping hair. The easiest way to get brand new look is to spice up hair with few highlighted strands. This collection of new hair highlights will show you some creative ways of combining shades.

new hair highlights

New season hair highlighting can be divided into 2 types. First one includes subtle highlights that are meant to change hairstyle without going for drama. The main idea is to create an illusion of fuller hair with dark or light thing strand. Highlights can be spread on the upper layers or all over hair for more eye catching look. For color of highlighting you need to choose shade that is 2 tones lighter or darker than natural hair. The secret of voluminous and thick hair is barely transition from light to dark and that’s why it is very important to find skilled hair colorist who will recreate desired style without damaging hair. Continue reading New Hair Highlights Ideas

Men Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyle is surely the best option for men but it is not classy short hairstyle that we were used to see. 2015 hair trends include several very hot and stylish short haircuts for men that are definitely worth to be copied.

The most distinguishing feature of new season male haircuts is texture and long layers. Surely classy buzz cut hairstyles are stylish and they are seen on the catwalk but layered short hairstyles still place the highest rates of popularity for 2015 spring and summer.

men undercut hairstyle

One of the best looks of popular male haircut is undercut hairstyle. This retro design that is popular both among men and women is now one of the most frequently chosen haircuts. Let’s check out some of the hottest men undercut hairstyles from the latest fashion shows. Continue reading Men Short Hairstyles

Pretty Curly Hairstyles

Girls with natural curly hair are simply adorable and they definitely know to look attractive. Together with incompatible sexuality curly hair needs special treatment otherwise it will look dull and frizzy. If you have natural curls and you are tired of styling hair you can now learn how to make your tresses look perfect.

Pretty Curly Hairstyles

One of the first problems about curly hair is frizzy texture. Wrong hair care, products and even hair washing can bring to frizzy hair so let’s start with hair washing. The most important thing is proper shampoo so try to find mild one with more natural extract and moisturizing ingredients. Include moisturizing masks and oils to hair care routine to keep hair moisturized and silky. Continue reading Pretty Curly Hairstyles

2015 Winter Ombre Hairstyles

It is high time to warm up your look with brand new hair color that will make your winter days full of bright moments. 2015 winter hair color trends present palette of dazzling shades that will help you to transform your casual hairstyle and make you fall in love with your new image.

2015 Winter Ombre Hairstyles

If you are in need of really special and stylish hairstyle you should go for multi tonal hair coloring. Monotony is no longer an option; now you need something better and more eye catching. From all available highlights styles ombre hairstyle is still the best one. 2015 modern ombre hairstyles are more versatile and you can choose the best one for your haircut. Continue reading 2015 Winter Ombre Hairstyles