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Stylish Bob Haircuts

For couple of years bob hairstyle had the highest rates of popularity and for 2015 it is chosen A style that opens all charts of popular haircuts. For coming spring and summer hair stylists prepared brand new designs of stylish bob haircuts so if you are looking for new ways of transformation you have found perfect inspiration.

Stylish Bob Haircuts

Girls with long hair hardly imagine of getting shorter and most of them continue wearing casual hairstyle year by year. On the other hand, those who at last decided to get shorter feel all the benefits of medium hair length and never get back to long hairstyle. All you need is to do that step and that’s all. Continue reading Stylish Bob Haircuts

Hairstyles 2014

New hairstyles 2014 are created for self-confident and stylish women. If you are looking for new ways to change your image and get something new for coming season, you can get a dose of inspiration from this collection of hairstyles 2014.


We live in the era where everything is possible and sticking to boring and casual image is unwise. You have so many opportunities to look attractive and beautiful so do not miss your chance and stay in touch with the latest changes in fashion and hair trends.  Continue reading Hairstyles 2014

Bob Hairstyles 2014

If you are going to change your hairstyle, but can’t decide which one would be better and trendy, then I would suggest you to think about one of the trendiest hairstyles bob hairstyle 2014. If you like bob hairstyle then you’re so lucky, bob hairstyle with its numerous versions is very stylish this season. Choose one of them, which is closer to your hairstyle preferences.

Bob Hairstyle 2013Medium bob hairstyle 2013

There are so many hair cutting techniques that it would be easy to find one which will suit your face, style and personality. Bob hairstyle is one of the hair styles that don’t require much effort to look perfect and cool. It is fresh, attractive and always in the center of attention.

2013 blonde bob hairstyleBob Hairstyle

If you prefer having locks with a proper volume and shape you’d better choose layered bob hairstyles because they make you to look better and have a perfect image. Long layered bob hairstyle requires much more effort to take care of. But it is the best way to look luxurious and feminine. This hairstyle allows being much more attractive and eye-catching. Continue reading Bob Hairstyles 2014

Elegant Short Hairstyles for Mature Women

If you think, that short hairstyle looks rather youthful, take a look at these elegant short hairstyles ideas for mature women. The proof is celebrities wearing short pixie cuts. So be inspired by celebrity hairstyles and feel confident wearing gorgeous short hair.

Hairstyles for Mature Women 2014Hairstyles for Mature Women 2014

Bob hairstyle proved to be the most popular hairstyle for mature women due to its versatility of styling options. Layered bob with a retro touch will beautifully frame your face. Celebrities like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren will inspire you for your next makeover.

2014 bob hairstyle for Women Over 50bob hairstyle for Women Over 50

If you are eager to wear hairstyle that will add playful touch to your image, asymmetric layers will be perfect. You can style layers flipped for more voluminous and messy look. All you need for this style is hair wax or gel in order to create flipped hairstyle like Meg Ryan did. Continue reading Elegant Short Hairstyles for Mature Women

Rihanna Gorgeous Hairstyles

Rihanna is one of the most popular celebrities, who have become an icon for many women with her style. Her image changes very frequently and each time she has gorgeous image.

Rihanna bob hairrihanna cute hairstyles

Rihanna’ hairstyles are trendy and hot, that will help you to look as bold and funky as she does. The versatility of her styles will give you a chance to choose the one for your next makeover. When choosing a hairstyle, pay attention to your hair texture and face shape. Your hair should be healthy and shiny to have perfectly polished hairstyle.

Rihanna Gorgeous HairstylesRihanna Hair 2014

Now it is time to choose celebrity hairstyle. You can wear sexy bob hairstyle with sharp edges at the front, or for more edgy look wear short crop cut hairstyle with a longer bang, and style it as Rihanna does. You can complete your gorgeous hairstyle with audacious hair colors like fiery red or black. Continue reading Rihanna Gorgeous Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyles

During the last few years bob hairstyles have become more popular and are accepted by a great amount of women. Bob hairstyles are available for both long and short hair. And of course the advantage of these hairstyles is the simplicity and the elegance.

Cute bob hairstylesMedium bob hairstyle

There are many different suggestions for you to choose from. But if you want to look cool and perfect, pay attention to the type of your hair, your facial features, your character and many other things to be able to make a right decision. There is an important thing about bob hairstyles. They suit to girls and women of all ages. Make your bob haircut more unusual and unique by coloring your hair. Continue reading Bob Hairstyles