Hair colors 2014

2014 Summer Ombre Hairstyles

Have you already seen summer hairstyles 2014? If you have chosen new haircut it is time to choose proper hair color for you. Ombre hairstyle is back and your summer image will be incomplete without perfect summer hair color. Check out these beautiful ombre hairstyles 2014 and pick your favorite.


Nothing can make your hair look more beautiful than two tone hair color. Ombre hairstyle combines two close tones with barely seen transition from light to dark. It is quite tricky to get perfect ombre hairstyle so choose the best one and leave it for professional to create it. Read more »

Edgy Hair Colors Ideas 2014

Edgy hair color ideas 2014 cover an almost infinite tone palette. Those who are keen to explore the magical world of vibrating shades should definitely have a look at the edgy hair color that have the power to completely change our appearance.

Edgy Hair Color 2014Edgy hair

Having a similar look requires courage from you. These are some of the most impressive color combination alternatives as well as shades you can use to stay up-to-the-minute with the hair color trends 2014. There is no need to change wholly the color of your hair if you are not 100% sure. Make a change by partial hair dyeing that can be done either with the help of chunks, highlights or dip-dyed section. Read more »

Elegant Braided Hairstyles Ideas

If you are tired of wearing the same hairstyle, you can try trendy and elegant braided hairstyles, that are vey popular this season. This article will inspire you to have one of these lovely braided hairstyles that will be suitable for every occasion.

Braided Hairstyle for WomenShort-Braid-Hairstyle

The style of a braid greatly depends on the hair length and image you want to create. The variety of braided hairstyles is innumerable. These braided hairstyles are very easy to do, so once you learnt the technique, you will be able to create numerous sophisticated and fabulous braided hairstyles.


French braids or fish tail braids will be a perfect complement to your medium and long hairstyle. Do not forget to take care of your hair, because the first condition to have gorgeous hairstyle is healthy hair. Try to use high quality hair products that will make your hair look healthy and shiny. You can also apply hair mousse or hair serum to add extra volume to your tresses and provide long lasting hairstyle. Read more »

2014 Trendy Punk Hair Colors

When we say punk hairstyle and hair color, we mean edgy haircuts with vivid and eye-catching colors. Such style, when combined with proper outfit, will accentuate your audacious individuality. So if you want to stand out in a crowd with your image, check out this season trendy punk hair colors.

punk hair color 2014cool red hair

If you want to have a block coloring, the most suitable color will be red hair color. Fiery red hair woman will be in the center of attention. Combine your red hair color with choppy layered hairstyle. Light and dark shades of red color will be suitable for fair complexion, so if you are not sure, that this color will suit you, you can have red highlights combined with dark or light base tone.

2014 punk hair color2014 hair colour

We cannot imagine punk hairstyle without blue and purple highlights. These colors will look just gorgeous, when combined with black and brunette hair colors. Choose the style of highlights, that will most suit your face shape and skin tone, so that you will have breathtaking image. Complete your platinum blonde hair with light purple or blue to have edgy punk look. Read more »

Hair Color Trend 2014

Hair color trends 2014 that are fashionable presently run the range of light to dark, so of any kind your personality is you can discover the exact hair color for you.

I have presented to your attention some of the up-to-the-minute hair colors of celebs and fashion models.

Several of them are of rich dark browns, caramel highlights and fire engine reds, so take a breath and appreciate the shades shown here.


Ombre-hairOmbre Hair Color Techniques

It is potential now to attain your appreciated shade by tinting your tresses at home with semi-permanent for salon perfect highlights in your natural shade. Read more »

Red Hair Colors for 2014

If you want to change your appearance radically, look carefully at these red hair color ideas for 2014. The following red hair color ideas provide with the best alternatives how to make heads turn. This year a wider color palette is presented, so you may find your favorite color and apply to your hair.

Red Hair Colors for 2014Red Hair Colors for 2014

Hair dyeing is one of the hairstyling options which allows you to play with the texture of your locks.  Light shades boost the volume of your hair, while dark ones give more elegant look to your hair. It’s very essential to take into account your skin tone. To make the best decision apply to a professional hairstylist. Red becomes you if the shade complements your complexion as well as personality. Read more »

Fabulous Hair Color for Short Hair

Say goodbye to your worn-out hairdo and welcome spectacular alternatives of dyeing your hair which will make your look glamorous.

Fabulous Hair Color Ideas for Short HairFabulous Hair Color 2014

Use the newest hair color trends to show your beauty and facial features. You may have an outstanding look, if you apply color to your fringe, lower layers or the top area. Read more »