Hair colors 2014

2014 Hair Colors

If you want to have radical change in your appearance, then you should start with 2014 hair color. Pick up a brand new color tone to make your look stunning.

2014 Hair Colors Ideashair color for 2014

These hair color ideas for 2014 will help you make right choice. Don’t forget to ask a professional hairstylist for help if you dye your hair for the first time. Read more »

Natural Hair Coloring with Henna

If you want to change your hair color, but at the same time you do not want to damage your hair with a perm, use henna, which will not only color your hair, but will also repair your tresses. If you are going to color your hair with henna for the first time, check out simple steps that will guide you to have natural hair color.

hair coloringhair colour

Natural henna will add reddish shade to your hair; however you can also find black henna that will add dark brunette color to your tresses. Keep on hand professional brush, gloves and hair cup to begin the application. Read more »

Blonde Hair Color Shades 2014

Blonde hair 2014 continues to increase its popularity. There are so many glamorous shade of blonde color, that even it becomes difficult to make a choice. Skin color plays crucial role in this choice, so be sure that it will go with your skin tone.

Blonde Hair Color Shades 2014Blonde Hair Color 2014

As there are many shades of this color, only most popular shades are presented here. Read more »

Tips How to Protect Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair color is the one, that attracts attention and creates seductive and glam image. At the same time blonde hair color is of high maintains and you should be ready to devote much time to protect your hair.

High quality hair dying products give you an opportunity to go blonde even if you have dark hair. The palette of blonde shades like platinum blonde, golden blonde or honey blonde, will be suitable for both cool and warm skin tones.

Blonde HairBlonde Hair Color

If you have already colored your hair, it is time to learn tips how to protect hair color. It is highly recommended to use shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair color. Regularly moisturizing will keep your hair healthy and glossy. Read more »

Hair Color 2014

With each year new hair colors and designs are developing. We hurry to inform you that with the hair color ideas for 2014 you won’t be bored. Here some of the trendiest alternatives that we hurry to introduce to you. Don’t hesitate and inspire yourself with these fresh ideas.

Cool hair colors for 2014Hair colors 2014

Hair color ideas 20142014 Hair colors ideas

It is not a secret that hairstyle plays a great look in everyone’s appearance and hair color means much. So it becomes obvious why women search for trendy and hot colors all the time. Nowadays there exist a great number of color palettes that allow women to experiment and find the best alternative for them. You shouldn’t wait any longer to show off your gorgeous tresses with the help of hair color ideas for 2014. Read more »

Fall/Winter hair color trends for 2014

2014 is the year of great contrasts and bold colors without boundaries. Spring tendencies offer you to experiment different shades of blonde like golden blonde and rose blonde. Platinum blonde is no longer trendy.

gold blonde hairstyles 2014

Dark hair color like brunette has become darker and cooler. Warm colors like auburn remained in the past. Cooler shades like milk chocolate shade prove to be trendy.

dark hair color

Red hair color and its hot shades like orange and purple have their special place in the list of trendy hair colors. Take into consideration your skin tone when choosing a shade. So if you are dark skinned deep orange will turn you into innocent fairy. Those with a light skin tone can sport hot red color. Read more »

Hair Color Trends 2014

If you find your hair color boring and lifeless, change it. The new season comes with a wide range of possibilities for you. Take a look at the hottest hair color trends and choose yours.

Unfortunately hair color must also follow fashion trends. In order to be in style, you have to know how to choose the right color for you based on skin complexion, lifestyle, personality, but also good sense.

auburn hair color 2014

Auburn hair color has the power to change your look and give elegance. You can express your beauty with this color. Lighter shade will sweeten the lines of your haircut. You don’t need to take into account your skin tone as this color flatters everyone. And if you choose darker shade, you will get a sophisticated and chic look. Read more »