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Hairstyles 2014

New hairstyles 2014 are created for self-confident and stylish women. If you are looking for new ways to change your image and get something new for coming season, you can get a dose of inspiration from this collection of hairstyles 2014.


We live in the era where everything is possible and sticking to boring and casual image is unwise. You have so many opportunities to look attractive and beautiful so do not miss your chance and stay in touch with the latest changes in fashion and hair trends.  Continue reading Hairstyles 2014

2014 Summer Ombre Hairstyles

Have you already seen summer hairstyles 2014? If you have chosen new haircut it is time to choose proper hair color for you. Ombre hairstyle is back and your summer image will be incomplete without perfect summer hair color. Check out these beautiful ombre hairstyles 2014 and pick your favorite.


Nothing can make your hair look more beautiful than two tone hair color. Ombre hairstyle combines two close tones with barely seen transition from light to dark. It is quite tricky to get perfect ombre hairstyle so choose the best one and leave it for professional to create it. Continue reading 2014 Summer Ombre Hairstyles

Trendy Layered hairstyles 2014

Current year is the period when trendy layered hairstyles 2014 focus on easy-going and feminine appearances, which don’t request complex designing to be eye-catching. Here are presented haircuts that hairstylists assure are rather modest, yet innovative, light and particularly considered to compliment every type of facial feature.

If you pick out long layered hairstyles or short haircuts with choppy strands, bear in mind that the layered hairstyles are a necessity have in 2014!

Trendy Layered hairstyles 2014

long red hairstyle

haircuts 2014hair trends 2014

One more essential advice, that you can truly stress your individuality by selecting layered haircuts that are well-suited with your own characters and sense of style. Chose cool, casual, dazzling or sporty looks they are all amazing and up-to-date.

There is nothing more worthwhile in fashioning an eye-catching and feminine look, than long layered hairstyles. Before deciding about cutting your tresses with layers, remember that your tresses should be certainly healthy and strong, or else you will lose necessary volume in your curls. Continue reading Trendy Layered hairstyles 2014

2014 Haircuts for Short Hair

The collection of modern hairstyles is so versatile; it includes super short haircuts as well as long designs and no matter which one you choose you will look stylish. There are zillion haircuts and hairstyles that are worth to be copied but now I offer you to take a look at these popular short 2014 haircuts that are beloved by celebs and beauty bunnies.

short-haircut-emma-watson emma-watson-short-hair

Short haircut is one of the most frequently chosen style in Celebville and millions of women go shorter. There are many reasons why girls choose short haircut. It is of low maintenance, stylish, sexy and easy-to-do. Well, if I have already persuaded you to go shorter, you can check out these popular short haircuts for 2014 and pick the best one for coming makeover.

Continue reading 2014 Haircuts for Short Hair

Women Hairstyles for 2014

There are many different hairstyles for 2014. You can choose to wear down or up hairstyles for thin or fine hair types. Girls might be very curios in knowing the hairstyles sand methods to rock them. You need to have patience and time to create new hairstyles.

women-hairstyles for-2014

2014-hairstyle- for-women

2014 may the year for wavy hairstyles. There are so many famous people wearing these hairstyles on red carpet. You can create this style with different methods. There are also various types of curls. You can start with looking at photos on the Internet. Tight curls are not so easy to style, you can get a perfect result in a salon and it is also very costly. The next method of waves is to leave pin curls in your hair. Continue reading Women Hairstyles for 2014

Gypsy Shag Haircuts

Gypsy shag haircuts were very popular in 70s and they made a huge comeback this season. Classy gypsy haircut is completed with modern details and now has its own place in hair trend. Gypsy shag hairstyle can be created on any hair length, you just need to keep in mind few rules and be sure you will have smashing look.

shaggy gypsy layer gypsy shag haircut

medium shaggy haircut shaggy gypsy hairstyle

The main detail in gypsy haircut is layering, mainly shaggy layering. The number of layering is very important; the more you have shaggy layers, the better your gypsy haircut will look. This trick will be more suitable for thick hair. If you are blessed with natural curly or wavy hair, your hairstyle will look even more glamorous and sexy.

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Men’s Hairstyles 2014

If you are a man and you care much about your appearance and want to carry on with fashion and styles, than you need a trendy hairstyle, the one man’s hairstyles 2014 suggest. Men’s hairstyles are here for you to get inspired and select the best of hairstyles for men depending on your hair length, texture and face shape.

The men’s hairstyles 2014 are absolutely turning back to the 50`s and 60`s and are rock and roll inspired. This chic trend for men is surely the most dominant and you will certainly be obvious by accepting an Elvis-like hairstyle.





If you have tresses are natural curly or wavy, consider yourself lucky as several of the most fashionable men’s hairstyles  are all about natural curls. Be inspired and change your natural curly tresses into one of the men’s hairstyles 2014.

One more innovative and trendy hairstyle is the rhino horn hairstyle. This is one of the men’s hairstyles as it has rockfish features on an eccentric theme. The rhino horn hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for visiting the club or going to party but it is also trendy for daily sporting. Continue reading Men’s Hairstyles 2014