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Chic Retro Hairstyles

We are living in the century of high techs and mass media where every unimaginable idea is no longer a fantasy. This concerns to virtually any aspect and to hairstyles as well. Every season we are offered brand new designs and we can adopt any of them. Together with innovative hairstyles 2015 hair trends include collection of retro hairstyles that have survived the decades and till now are popular and hot. Wait, this is not the end. Retro hairstyles are even more popular and frequently chosen for special occasions than any other new design. This is not just words. You can check this statement by looking through the pictures of celebrity images from any of the latest red carpet events. The following collection of chic retro hairstyles will be another source of inspiration for you.

Chic Retro Hairstyles

Victory Rolls

One of the most impressive and eye catching retro hairstyle that is still popular is Victory rolls. This retro hairstyle can be created even on short hair with longer bang but surely classy variation of retro design can be created on long hair. Before styling rolls you should create vintage defined waves. The most important detail is front part where hair is rolled up on one side or both sides. Continue reading Chic Retro Hairstyles

Retro hair-does come into fashion again

Today we see that retro returns step by step almost in everything mainly in hairstyles. Of course it is much  easier  to remember forgotten styles then to create a new one.

Let’s go on grouping them by periods.

Retro hairstyle

Hairstyles of 1920’s

This was the period when women tried to ascertain  their place in society. Thus,they wore short hair sometimes with curles. Gradually this style changed into bob.

Medium retro hairstyles

1950’s retro styles

Curles were the main trend of this period. Women didn’t want to spend much time attending stylists .They just rolled hair watching their favourite soap operas. Continue reading Retro hair-does come into fashion again