Edgy Hair Colors Ideas 2014

Edgy hair color ideas 2014 cover an almost infinite tone palette. Those who are keen to explore the magical world of vibrating shades should definitely have a look at the edgy hair color that have the power to completely change our appearance.

Edgy Hair Color 2014Edgy hair

Having a similar look requires courage from you. These are some of the most impressive color combination alternatives as well as shades you can use to stay up-to-the-minute with the hair color trends 2014. There is no need to change wholly the color of your hair if you are not 100% sure. Make a change by partial hair dyeing that can be done either with the help of chunks, highlights or dip-dyed section.

hair color 2014hair color trends 2014

Here are the latest hair coloring designs and trends. Take a closer look at these pictures and see what various colors can create on one hairdo. Choose from red, purple, blue and even green to express the beauty and prominence of your tresses.

edgy blue hair colorBlue hair highlights 2014


Keep in mind one thing; the more catchy the tones are the more attention you should devote to the condition of your hair tone.

Multy tone hair colorhair colour for 2014

Red hair color 2014Edgy hair color



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