Trendy Hair Colors 2014

Hair color is the best way to change image and be always in the center of attention. It is so easy to be stylish and original just changing the hair color. Most of all it is used by celebrities that are always in the spotlight and have to change their image for having a different look and be always interesting. They always make trendy choices and attach great importance to every trendy thing. The dominating celebrity hair colors for 2014 are blonde, brown, brunette and red.

blonde hair color

Blonde is used by many sex-symbols and it is considered one of the most alluring shades.  You can take golden blonde, honey or caramel which give perfect attractiveness to the face.

coco rocha brown hair

Brown is appropriate for those who have brown eyes. This color gives a very natural effect and that’s why it can be perfect for many skin tones.  But it is more suitable for medium skin tones.

For natural look lovers  brunette’s the right choice. This is the hair color suitable for nearly all skin tones. Though it is simple it gives a special charm to the face.

red hair color 2014

Red hair color is one of the trendiest and hottest colors of this season. It allows you to feel confident and pretty.



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