Hot hairstyles, haircuts 2014

The latest hair trends are all about feminine and different hairstyles. Regardless your hair is long, medium or short follow the advice on how to rock the 2014’s best hair trends.

Hot hairstyles 2014

Short hairstyles have a leading role among trends. A short haircut suits small symmetrical features as the face becomes the main focus. But it also can be suited to diminish features you don’t like. While thinking whether cut your curls or not, ease the transition by finding hairstyle pictures and consult with your hairstylist.  If you want a versatile short haircut, ask for longer layers on top or get layered fringe. Such kind of haircut can be adapted to suit all face shapes and hair textures.

haircuts trends 2014

Mid-length hairstyles will be a strong trend in 2014. They can be worn sleek, curly, choppy, tousled. Every time  you can have different look, that’s why they are so common. In mid-length hairstyles layers are shorter, so you can style them very easily. It’s also easy to boost the volume.

hairstyles 2014 for medium hair

2014 Medium hairstyles are recommended for women over 30, as long hairstyles make them look dated.

long hairstyles trends 2014

Long locks can look flat, lack style and be cut wrong. So you need some long layers chipped in to encourage lift at the crown and back. Use volume boost shampoo if you have flat hair. After drying comb back from the roots to have extra volume.

Hot hairstyles 2014

The trends of 70s are coming back. It means full, bouncy, glossy long hairstyles will be fashionable this year.




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