Hairstyles trends for 2014

Shoulder Length Haircuts 2014

For many girls in some cases long haircuts 2014 may be a real problem but anyway they want to get a length which is neither too long nor too short. The best for these girls is to achieve shoulder length haircut. If you are looking for flexible looks this length is just for you. Shoulder length haircuts 2014 may be styled with different hair types.  Some of these fashionable shoulder length hairstyles 2014 are gathered here.

Haircuts 2014

Shoulder Length Haircuts 2014

long hairstyles for 2014


It is a very simple style that require haircut at one time and you have to get the hair to make different looks. There are hundred styles of bob cut which imply flip bob, inverted bob, A-line bob, sleek bob, curly bob and asymmetrical bob.  Sleek bob cut looks wonderful with fringes at forehead and the hair at neck section and shoulders will inject fullness to hair. This style is convenient for those who have curly hair and layers are added to it to balance the whole look of hairstyle. Read more »

Hairstyles Trends 2014

This season is full of natural and elegant hairstyles that make woman look feminine and gorgeous. Take a look at this year elegant hairstyles tendencies and choose the one to look trendy and hot.

Loose Hairstyles 2014Loose Hairstyles trends 2014

Loose Hairstyles trendsLoose Hairstyles

The main tendency is still loose hair either wavy or sleek. This is the best style to accentuate femininity and elegance. Practice your styling skills and create romantic waves and curls, which will be suitable not only to a casual outfit but also to any formal event. Read more »

Hairstyle Trends 2014

The main hairstyles trend 2014 is natural look and natural hairstyle that is easy to make. Bob and fringe, long and short hairs are very popular.
This season is the season of cardinal transformation. Hair colors can be either natural or cardinally changed.

Hairstyle Trends 2014

The trends of short hair has already turned into trend of extremely short hair. Today celebrities are more and more often seen with short hair. It is a style of both sexual predator and office worker.
At the same time short hair makes your eyes more expressive. Try to experiment with your hair, you can make curls or straighten them . Read more »

Medium hairstyles trends 2014

It is always rather difficult to choose a hairstyle perfectly suitable for your face or your personality. However there is a solution. Medium hairstyle is the right choice for those who don’t sport short or long hairstyle.

Medium hairstyles trends 2014 are refreshed every year so you will have brand-new hairstyles to choose from. This year medium hairstyles trends are various from layered to sharp edged hairstyles which create fabulous images.


Bob hairstyle is the most popular one among medium hairstyles in 2014. You can wear it either blunt cut or layered depending on your face shape. Layered hairstyle is perfect for curly or wavy hair. Or if you have straight hair you can have a bang or just wear them middle parted.


For bold women sharp edged hairstyles and asymmetrical bangs will be complement to their personality. Read more »

Famous Hairstyles 2014

Hairstyles change very often, but you can stay calm if you choose from famous hairstyles because they will remain fashionable every time.

Famous Hairstyles 2014

Wear one of these evergreen and eye-catching hairstyles, appear more charming and elegant and attract everyone’s attention. Women of approximately every age can have these hairstyles.

These hairstyles are considered famous because they are always loved by women and suitable for any occasion.

Famous Hairstyles 2014 04

It is advisable to have fringe with short hairstyle due to which you will have fabulous look. Take into account your face shape before having fringe as it is essential factor. Consult with your hairstylist and choose from these hairstyles to have gorgeous look. Read more »

Trendy Bob Haircuts 2014

In the collection of trendy Bob haircuts 2014 find the most flattering one that suits your face shape. These stylish haircuts look astonishing and in their way unique with different face shapes.

Trendy Bob Haircuts 2014

Long hair is considered as one of the most inspiring looks, however it seems that Bob starts to rival with it. You may choose from the cutting edge as well as more classy designs. Read more »

Short hairstyles trends 2014

Short hairstyle was always fashionable since 1920s till nowadays. Those women who ever had short hair can say it is the most comfortable hairstyle.

short hair cuts

There is a wide variety of hairstyles perfectly suitable for everyone like bobs or pixies and many others. You can wear bob hairstyle both wavy and straight. Try to experiment and change your image. Read more »